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Mould & Former for Moulded Vacuum Packaging
Mould & Former is used for Moulded Vacuum Packaging to get the perfect brick shaped packs from plane bags. Mould & Formers are manufactured completely from food grade stainless steel and can be supplied to pack various products starting from 50 Gms. to 50Kgs. depending upon the bulk density of the material to be packed.

Infeed & Discharge Roller Conveyor
Infeed & Discharge Roller Conveyor is used with the Vertical Models to transport the bags or mould with filled bag into the vacuum chamber and to discharge the vacuum packed bags from the chamber. The roller conveyors are made out from Nylon Rollers with bearings for smooth movement. The height of the conveyor can be adjusted to match the height of the base conveyor of the vacuum chamber and also vibrating table. The roller conveyor is coated with epoxy paint.

Vibrating Table
Vibrating Table is used for compaction of the material to be vacuum pack. It helps to settle the products, sot that the final shape of the vacuum pack improves. It also helps to dense the material. It is mainly useful for moulded vaccum packaging. Vibrating Table is manufactured using silent vibratory motor & foot switch control.
All the contact parts are covered with nylon sheet to reduce the noise level.