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Molded Vacuum Packaging

whyvacuumMoulded Vacuum Packaging is a new concept of Vaccum Packaging to get the perfect rectangular brick shaped vaccum packs. With the help of Mould & Formers, the plane bag is formed in a block bottom bag and thereby irregular shapes of final vaccum packs are avoided. Moulded Vacuum Packaging provides consistent & regular packs without any difference in size. It can be designed with various length, width & breadth to suit the required cartoon size or container space.

The Moulded Vacuum Packed bags can be placed in cartoon and can be stacked also to form a pallete. Major advantages of the Moulded Vacuum Packaging are as below :

  • Presentable packaging which can stand in upright condition. Can be displayed on racks.
  • Consistent shape & size. Maximum usage of cartoon space.
  • Very useful for bulk vacuum packaging of cashewnuts, rice, tea, grains & pulses, free flowing powders, etc.
  • Saves approx. 10-20% volume resulting low transit costs and more weight per container.
    Vacuum packs can be stacked to form a pallete.

Normally, Vertical Models are used for Moulded Vacuum Packaging, however it can be done with Horizontal Models also if the weight is below 10 kgs. and the product is not in powder form.

The process involves following stages :

  • Forming of bag into block bottom bag by using mould & former.
  • Removing the former from the mould and filling the product into the bag.
  • Compaction of the product using vibrating table.
  • Vacuumising, gassing & sealing of the bag with vacuum packaging machine.
  • Removing vacuum packed bag from mould.